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Sound in Body, Sound in Mind

Welcome to SeTs

The Functional Education Specialists


A specialist education and training services organization that provides dynamic physical education and vocational teaching services. ranging from street arts to vocational further education subjects. Training is provided both on-line (primarily), and also live on-site training for local clients and special events.

SeTs services are divided into three broad categories

  1.  Education Development Services, Workshops, Teaching & Courses

  2. Fitness & Strength Personal Trainer Services

  3. Street Arts and Sports Coaching


We also collaborate with other associations to provide other activities, such as street dancing, and to organise special events such as open days, festivals and seminars, host various discussion forums and study groups. You can sign up for these forums on the forum and group pages.

Science Class

Vocational Teaching & Education Services

MInd Skills & Tools, Business, Security & Risk Management, content creation, course development, and quality assurance.


Street Arts & Sports Coaching

Parkour, self-defense (Lii-Kan Jitsu), conflict intervention, and personal security (SeTs).


Personal Trainer Services

APT Fitness & strength training for individuals, duos (2-3 persons) & small groups (4-12 persons).

What ever you do, don't just sit there - Join us!

If you cannot find an already available group activity that meets your interests, go to the page Register with us'. Review the project/group proposals, and complete the short registration form for the activities of interest so that we can gauge interest in creating new groups and locations.

You can also sign up for site membership (screen top right button) and Bob's your uncle!

Or, just use the link on the invite we send you, by email or phone as requested. Once a site member, you will also gain access to full service details and other feature benefits, such as galleries, discussion forums, quizzes and Poll Surveys etc.

So that you can keep in touch whilst on the move, we have associated mobile apps for site members (Spaces by Wix) and the coaching system (PTDistinction) available for download viaGoogle Play etc., using the links provided on our Site Membership page .


If you have any questions, Get in touch.

Collaboration without Tears, Learning without Frontiers.  It's a Mind SeT!

Borderless & Experiential Learning, by Design

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