Frequently asked questions

Which languages can/do the teachers teach in?

SeTs instructors can and do teach in English, this being their main language, and SeTs intendeed to be an international Web-based Training (WbT) and on-line learning (LoL) service. However, we can and do also teach in Finnish language as needs be for local clubs and clients. You may have noticed, that here and there, we have provided Finnish language translations for our local members and clients, many of whom do not speak English, at least not well enough. SDI ry instructors who collaborate with us also teach primarily in English. They do speak a smattering of Finnish, but many of the students are bilingual and help with translation where necessary. The instructors however, are from the Philipines and do speak and can teach in other languages, such as Norwegian and Italian where they have previously been resident. In short, we are an international and multi-cultural organization!

Can I share posts from discussion forums and study groups to social media?

The general rule is no. These forums are intended for educational discussions and intended to facilitate sharing within the groups. They are not to be shared in social media. Access to these requires site membership or, private invites and passwords to access in order to negate the personal security fears and issues associated with social media. Any publication in social media of this internal content can only be done with express, written consent. We take a very dim and militant view of anyone who breaks these codes of conduct. However, what you do with your own content, e.g. images and videos is your own business, as long as it does not infringe the privacy rights and wishes of anyone else shown in the media. Publically available site content is of course a different matter.

Can I insert a video in my posts and discussions?

You can embed videos and pictures that are hosted in other sites, such as YouTube and Vimeo. Vimeo allows you to make things private. Youtube has options for unregistered (not listed or viewable with prior knowledge of the link), and private which is access by email address (limited to 5 emails). However, we do not at this time have the resources for everyone to upload their media onto our site. Maybe one day, but that would likely be a premium service to mityigate the extra costs.

Where/in which locations do/can you teach?

SeTs is intendeed to primarily be an international Web-based Training (WbT) and on-line learning (LoL) service. For this reason and our current language skills, the primary language is English, being the most widespread language in the word today. This is important for facilitating the broadest possible interaction between students/clients studying our academic courses or participating in coaching programmes. SeTs is based in the Greater Helsinki area of Finland, which is a member of the European Union. Currently, due to transportation and travel time issues, most of our live on-site classes are held in west Vantaa, north Helsinki and in parts of Espoo. However, for suitable/reasonable remuneration special workshops and seminars can be organized further afield, given enough forewarning and planning. These would generally be longer sessions, once per month or every six months for example. Travel abroad would of course require provision of accommodation etc. and take into account current headaches associated with the Corona Pandemic etc.