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The comments of Kee-Sam Jeong et, al. (as cited by Eliza Yingzi Du et, al. 2013, p184) in respect to Biotechnologies are worth reviewing.

"The development of scientific technology in the 20th century has increasingly made sciences more and more specialised. The more science became specialised, technology became more advanced but at the price of limited communication with other fields. The pursuit of depth has come to face a technological limit whereby a single technology cannot solve all the problems in the world and therefore interdisciplinary cooperation with other fields has become inevitable."

Biometric and scientific silos are not the only silos. There are many other kinds of silos in the realms of culture and industry, such as in the Education and Security industries that cause dysfunctionality and fractures between disciplines and within them at various levels. Even the film industry suffers greatly from the disparities between big budget Hollywood style studios and the Independent (Indie) film industry, and disconnections from the general public.  Democratization and empowerment of the Indie Film Makers and the audiences are a key issue in this industry, for which reason SeTs collaborates with KEG Oy to run various events/festivals (E.g. HEFFIEDDI & NAFF etc.) and develop the FilmVIA applications (video). We also collaborate with Lii-Kan Jitsu ry &  SDI ry in the street arts and sports industry for the same reasons. Culturally speaking, despite it's motto of "United in Diversity", the European Union suffers from considerable social segregation, sometimes to the point of being 'Disunited in Diversity'. The U.S.A. ont he other hand, has a culture, if not policy, of assimilation rather than integration, yet still suffers from huge Cultural Canyons within its own borders. 

Through its own unique mix of sports, street arts and vocation education, SeTs aims to break down the barriers between these silos and bridge the gaps by Cultivation of Creativity and Connectivity in all our programmes and services to provide  truly FUNCTIONAL EDUCATION & EXERCISE that is not just a Flipped Classroom, but a Flipped Education system with the skills needed for the 21st Century.  

Our mission is to CREATE, CONNECT & CULTIVATE in order to 'break down the silos and bridge the gaps' between them. In so doing we endeavour to create a truly borderless and experiential learning and training process, by design.


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