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Packages & Price Plans

The package types are divided into online recorded training workouts and programmes and Live instruction workouts and programmes with a coach or personal trainer, whether Live in Person (LiP), or online (LoV). Package Types include Fitness & Strength Training (FAST), Sports & Arts Functional Education (SAFE) Training, Vocational education course & services (Mind SeTs / HELP), and Publications. ​All packages, be they Online or Hybrid, are supported with help & feedback chat groups, community support & social forums, and other facilities to help build an active and functional fitness community for everyone's benefit. Other optional activities and services are also available for a premium to help enhance your training.

Making your subscription... You can sign-up and pay for the standard online subscription packages using PayPal. If you are interested in non-standard services, such as Personal Trainer or custom coaching services, book a consultation time (online) so that we can clarify your objectives and needs before completing a Customer Training Agreement (CTA). More information about payment methods can be found below in the next section 'Making a Payment',

Warm-up with some preview activities... In the meantime, you can try out our Free Programmes and/or sign up for the Trial Starter's Welcome Pack to get familiar with the coaching system and services available before starting your main programme. The link is in the hover box below. You can also signup for site membership and start connecting and sharing with other site members in our discussion forums.

Choosing your package and price plan... 1. SELECT your package type from the categories available. Then CLICK on the HOVER BUTTON to learn more about the package, subscription agreements and price plans. 2. GO TO the prices & plans section of the Tab menu and CLICK on the 'Prices & Plans' button to see a page listing the Price Plans currently available. 3. SELECT the service plan you wish to subscribe for, or , 'Contact us' to book a half-hour consultation session and make a Customer Training Agreement (CTA). 4. On the Sign-up form page, SUBSCRIBE for an online programme using the sign-up form provided,


Invoiced and Regular Subscription Payments

Payments for local onsite live in person (LiP) services such as Personal Trainer sessions and Custom Coaching workshops can be, and are usually invoiced by email and paid by bank transfer. Recurring monthly subscriptions for on-line packages, coaching & support services are usually paid via PayPal using the  associated sign-up forms provided on this website, because these also automatically update our coaching software system. Automation means less work and lower fees for everyone. 

Donation Boxes

Single Donations and other such One-Off Payments

Single one-off payments and donations payments can be made via our PayPal account in two main ways.


1. Send directly to PayPal using:

2. Using the PayPal mobile App, Scan the QR code in the adjacent picture.​

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