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Collaboration without Tears, Training without Frontiers. It's a Mind SeT!

SeTs provides specialist coaching, vocational teaching, ranging from street arts such as Parkour and Personal Protection (self-defense, personal security & risk management) to vocational education subjects, and other education services. 

SeT Services are divided into three broad categories shown below. Training is provided On-Line primarily, but on-site training is also possible for local clients and special events. Currently, feasible onsite training locations are in West Vantaa, North Helsinki & Töölö Kisahalli, and Espoo, including Matinkylä.  Available venues are mostly public facilities/gyms where we can rent time/sessions. Matinkylä is a private venue best suited to functional fitness personal training and small group activities such as Kyusho Study Groups. If you have any questions, Get in Touch.

Adult Education Course


Street Arts & Functional Education

Street Arts such as Parkour and self-defense training augmented with 'Functional Fitness' & strength training, provide the practical foundations for a variety of Functional and Dynamic Physical Education programmes. These arts fit each other 'hand in glove', and have much to give for the benefit of other sports and activities as well. They are often linked with more academic vocational study courses for the historical, cultural, and theoretical underpinnings needed to achieve true expertise.



Fitness, Attributes & Strength Training

Personal Trainer (APT) Services for individuals, couples (duo), and small groups (3-12) that want to ensure effective and safe training through correct technique and professional programming. Workouts may be personalized or, standard presets and concept-based programmes that combine aspects of both Fitness and Street Art/Sports programmes for a fun, dynamic, and functional training experience.



Mind Skills, Tools & Further Education

Mind SeTs provides vocational courses and other education services, such as content creation, course development, and quality assurance. Courses range from academic studies to more functional knowledge and 'Mind Skills' that are often embedded in the more practical SAFE coaching programmes, bringing to light their historical origins, culture and theoretical groundings for a deeper and more meaningful learning experience.



"Do you want to know who you are? Don't Ask, ACT!  Action will define you". 

Thomas Jefferson

True learning is a journey of discovery,  an active and interactive experiential process that uses 'blended learning' to engage the whole mind and body. Whilst keeping our eye on the horizon we are heading for, we must also know where we have come from in order to monitor our progress and link our experiences into a single framework or map for more effective and efficient, so-called 'Accelerated  Learning'.  

Conventional 'Street Arts' range from Grafitti to Dance and, being originally developed on the streets, are as much about the culture, feeling, and self-expression rather than the restrictive straight-jacket requirements of traditional schools that now constitute some of our cultural antiques.  


These days, the concept of 'Street Arts' includes Parkour and Free Running and can be extended to the self-defense arts. We also include in this physical education and training for fitness and strength, without which the arts cannot be performed to their full potential. However, it is not enough to just learn techniques and skills like a collection of tricks and tools for our toolbox. We must also learn how they relate to each other, fit together, and, about the history, culture, theory, and broader knowledge systems embedded in the subject and practice of our chosen skill sets.

Take a look at all the relevant details about our classes. courses and other services and, if you have any questions, get in touch.

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