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Teaching, security management, and criminology are by definition, multi-disciplinary studies as well illustrated by the Periodic Table of Security created by IFSEC Global. This broad work experience and extensive education and training provide a useful cross-fertilization of skills and knowledge with many insights that cannot be gained from expertise in any one discipline alone.


However, we do not stop with academic theory, but, combine it with practical and functional education and training in personal protection (self-defence, personal security & risk management) skills, physical fitness, strength, and mobility (Parkour) training. These are, or can be integrated to create truly innovative and  Dynamic Education and Physical Training programmes. 

As it is below, so it is above

Cross-disciplinary study has both horizontal and vertical dimensions. The ability to link and present the various skills and disciplines within a coherent framework guided by consistent principles and concepts at all levels of application, no matter the context, is an invaluable skill that enhances non-linear (out of the box) thinking. Good critical thinking is more than just criticising or trying to disprove a hypothesis. It is about reflective, analytical, diagnostic and synergistic mind skills and tools.

The training provides benefits far beyond the traditional borders of basic physical education or security provision, such as staff morale and effectiveness (i.e. savings in operating costs and labour turnover), customer satisfaction and third-party security / public relations, where customers and other associates or affected persons are concerned. 

Backed by a philosophy of continuous learning, research, and development, this holistic approach allows us to bridge the gap between knowledge silos for a truly borderless learning experience, yet ease and speed your learning with experiential learning programmes tailored to your needs.


Cross-disciplinary Education, Qualifications & Work Experience

Our Instructor qualifications include vocational teacher (Lecturer) in higher-education for security and, business organization topics, based on an M.Sc. in Security and Risk Management, the IFPO Certified Protection Officer certificate, NLP Master Practitioner certificate,  and for many years the local Finnish state qualifications and work experience as public order/door supervisors (Järjestyksenvalvoja/portsari) and security guard/retail (vartija/vahtimestari), with use of force rights. We are also qualified Parkour instructors and Authorised Personal Trainers (APT) for physical fitness, strength and mobility.

Our self-defence training and personal security teaching experience is extensive, since 1982. That's over 35 years of training and 30 years of teaching experience with the foundation and teaching of 5 clubs since 1987, the latest one being the Espoon Lii-Kan Jitsu Club Ry, founded in 2018. We are as accustomed to teaching children as we are adults, and have conducted many successful demos, courses and dynamic physical education classes for schools.


Partners, Collaborators & Sponsors



Self-defense & Personal Security System

Liikan Jitsu is self-defense, conflict intervention, and management for an all-around personal protection and security system. 

Lii-Kan Jitsu is based on Shorinjitsu ((Jiu Jitsu + Shorinji Kempo)  augmented with knowledge and skills from other martial arts, Parkour, NLP,  security, and risk management. 

The Lii-Kan Jitsu club is based in the Greater Helsinki area of Finland.




Style Dance Industry (SDI)  

is a creative dance association that specializes in street dance / hip hop and Irish dance, and producing dance films.

SDI is a non-profit association that aims to promote good health and purposeful life through cultural arts.  

SDI also holds dance classes in lower schools and reaches out more to the local youth through dance. 



Klikkaus Entertainment Group

Klikkaus Entertainment Group (KEG) is a Helsinki-based, ​customized digital entertainment company. 

KEG provides creative content development services spanning film production, digital education, technology and support.  Their networks cover EU, Americas, Asia, and Australia. 

Projects include an innovative and revolutionary online platform for the film industry, film and dance festivals.


Sporttia kaikille ry

Sporttia kaikille

& Sporttia Kouluille

SK ry Organizes low-threshold sports groups and clubs for children, young people, and adults in the Vantaa area!

They also organize free afternoon groups during or immediately after the school day,  for school students.

The idea of the clubs is to have fun together with exercise without competition and comparison, especially for those children who do not yet have a hobby.



Professional & Association Memberships



Finnish Health and Fitness Center’s Association (SKY ry)

SKY ry is responsible for managing authorized personal trainers APT®-database. APT® mark is a registered trademark and can only be used by accredited training organizations and training of personal trainers.



European Register of Exercise Professionals

EREPS is a fully independent register of instructors, trainers and teachers working in the European fitness  and physical activity sector.

EREPS recognises the qualifications and skills of fitness professionals, as an important assurance for consumers and employers



Finnish Parkour Association

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Finnish Security Association

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Finnish eLearning Center Association

eLearning Association



International Foundation for Protection Officers

The International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) is dedicated to providing meaningful, cost-effective education for all levels of security personnel.

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