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Street Arts & Functional Education (SAFE)

Street Arts such as Parkour and self-defense training, augmented with 'Fitness & Strength Training (FAST) provide the practical foundations for a variety of Functional and Dynamic Physical Education (SAFE) programmes. These arts fit each other 'hand in glove', and have much to give for the benefit of other sports and activities as well. They are often linked with more academic vocational study courses for the historical, cultural, and theoretical underpinnings needed to achieve true expertise.

Classes and programmes can be developed to suit different student levels of fitness and capability, though most exercises are already self-regulating. An integrated programme can also be devised. Training can be individual or with a small group of friends and familiars of your choosing to provide a force-multiplier for your learning and development. Without a doubt, the learning and skill development possibilities mushroom immensely with small group training whilst, the cost of training per person rapidly diminishes (gets cheaper :). 

At SeTs, it is SAFE to say...



Training without Frontiers, Collaboration without Tears. 

It's a Mind SeT!

We provide group coaching and courses for schools, school afternoon clubs, companies, and their staff who deal face-to-face with customers in the work-place and, anyone else who is interested in keeping fit in a fun way and/or learning some practical 'life skills for life'. Physical fitness and strength are well-known to be good for boosting health & wellbeing, morale, and self-confidence, but it is multiplied many times over when combined with practical skills to create a versatile Functional Fitness and Skills Enhancement Training Sessions (SeTs). 


Our courses and classes range from self-defence skillsconflict intervention, and management to context-based physical fitness and strengthParkour and more. We can even combine them as part of our Dynamic Physical Education and Parkour-Jitsu programmes. 


Put your mind and body in motion, see our current courses o Facebook or, Contact us to arrange new ones.



Borderless and Experiential Learning, by Design

Coach and Authorised Personal Trainer (APT) to develop your skills and help you train effectively with correct technique to safely achieve your fitness and strength objectives for your chosen sport or activity.

We have a strong background and years of high-level experience in racket-ball sports such as Tennis and Squash.

We have been teaching Martial Arts/Self-defense since 1987 (qualified instructors, Lii-Kan Jitsu), having founded  5 clubs, 2 in the U.K. and 3 in Finland since 1996. More recently we qualified as Parkour instructors (VOK1/SPY) and we are even a student of Break-dancing in our spare time. Movement, mobility, and agility (physically & mentally) are fundamental to these sports and activities, creating a cross-fertilization of ideas and skills for a unique blend of functional cross-training that can support almost any other activity. SeTs Personal Trainer's greatest strengths lay in this Functional Fitness training and programming capability. 

You can currently find us working via our on-line training platform, or at arranged locations, indoors or outdoors, weather and diseases permitting.

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