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Custom Coaching Services

Custom Coaching Service Packages & Pricing Plans

Custom Coaching Service (CCS) Packages & Plans are customized coaching services and programmes for  larger organised groups we call classes, study groups and clubs.  CCS Packs include Live-in-Person (LiP) workshops, and/or, online Live-in-Video (LoV) feedback & consultation sessions, plus a range of other group services and benefits available to all members of the group.

CCS packs are primarily intended for Sports, Arts and Functional Exercise (SAFE) training supported by online services and community support, but could also be used for Fitness and Strength (FAST)  training activities if the numbers are large enough and/or organised as a club or study group.  The standard/basic plan is  a monthly subscription, but some special schemes may require a minimum duration contractual commitment and/or affiliate membership, such as for clubs.   In all cases, a separate Customer Training Agreement (CTA) is needed before you can subscribe, usually following a free  consultation session (half hour) Live onsite or online. Service Features of each indivdual Price Plan may include a variety of accompanying features to help you connect and interact with our community in oder to support and help you with your training and education endeavours. You only ever 'get back what you are willing to give', so PLEASE make use of the features on offer. In general, features may include features such as: - Exercise workouts viewable online for your convenience, - Mobile APPs: a Website APP for keeping in touch with SeTs and the SeTs broader community, and, a coaching APP for following workout instructions, tracking your performance results,  feedback and support. - Group Chat Lines, Discussion Forums and Study Groups for community support and sharing (discussion). - Special Activity & Events (FACE) groups to extend and enhance your training and social opportunities. - File Sharing system for SeTs specific documents, and some for community sharing  (SeTs User Guide) The specific features available are listed in the specific package price plan.


Due to ongoing web development projects, some packages mentioned or features thereof may not yet be fully available/in working order. They are mentioned for informational purposes about our intentions, and whenever possible identified as planned/WIP, and/or links are redirected to the 'Contact us' page.   If you do not find the type of plan or feature you are looking/hoping for in the standard packs provided, please GET IN TOUCH so that we can add it to our ASAP to-do-list. 


Please note, this is not a personalized/customization service, but a way to prompt and guide our development efforts to meet and stay in line with current customer group (your) needs and requirements. 

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