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Adult Education Course


Higher-Education Learning Programmes and Services

Mind SeTs provides vocational courses and other education services, such as content creation, course development, and quality assurance to HELP you.

SeTs courses range from Higher-Education Learning Programmes & Services (HELPS) to more functional knowledge and 'Mind Skills' that are often embedded in vocational courses,  and the more practical SAFE coaching programmes, for example, bringing to light their historical origins, culture, and theoretical groundings for a deeper and more meaningful learning experience.

Mind SeTs HELPS create more functional training and further education.

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Training without Frontiers, Collaboration without Tears. 

It's a Mind SeT!

As a qualified vocational teachers, we are particularly well placed to teach and provide 'added-value' in subjects ranging from pedagogy and project management to finance and accounting, business organisation, security, and risk management. 


Despite the picture, we are not old school. Whilst we respect cultural traditions and conventions, we are not slave to them. We do not adhere to them if they are no longer valid or otherwise appropriate. Innovation and creativity are born of change, by their very nature. And, that includes the wearing of Old School ties! ;)

Our Vocational Teaching qualifications and experience in higher-education combine with a keen interest in On-Line Learning from eLearning to Web-based Learning (WBL) in general. This is supported by training and experience in I.T. project management, instructional design and, various Learning Management Systems. 


Cross-disciplinary knowledge and experience such as this are also highly useful in quality assurance of courses and content that go hand-in-hand with English language proofreading.

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