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Collaboration without tears, learning without frontiers. It's Mind SeTs!

Synergistic Training Programmes

Educational science is full of 'Paradoxes' such as quantity over quality, and specialization over broad scope of knowledge. I.e. Jack of all trades, master of none as the old saying goes. Those old school ideas are long since obsolete and always ignored potential synergies and other dimensions of expertise to the detriment of all, e.g. climate change. At Sets, one of our greatest strengths is the ability to create synergistic (hybrid) training programmes that draw on two or more of these skill sets. The result is much greater than the sum of the parts, producing innovative and 'Dynamic Physical Training', and Functional Education programmes.

Furthermore, through this comprehensive technical, dynamic, and interactive approach to coaching that draws on all this broad spectrum of experience, your training is more effective, efficient and,  'experiential by design.  I.e. more beneficial, fun, and interesting!

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Borderless & Experiential Learning, by Design

Street Arts such as Parkour and self-defense training augmented with 'Functional Fitness' & strength training, provide the practical foundations for a wide variety of Functional and Dynamic Physical Education programmes.  We also collaborate with a local street dance school (SDI ry) with worldwide connections and events to help provide a truly 'Borderless Learning' experience, by design.  

Workouts may be personalized or, standard presets and concept-based programmes that combine aspects of both Fitness and Street Art/Sports programmes for a fun, dynamic and functional training experience.


More academic and vocational courses such as the SeTs 'Assault Awareness and Risk Management' (AARM) course, range from academic studies to more functional knowledge, physical- and mind- skills that are often embedded in the more practical coaching programmes (and vice-versa) , bringing to light their historical origins, culture and theoretical groundings for a deeper and more meaningful learning experience.

However, Borderless and Experiential Learning is about much more than just what we study. It is also about how we learn and study, when, where and with whom. This constructive social learning approach guides the design of our pedagogy models and learning processes as it does the supporting activities and facilities we provide beyond the borders of any specific course.


Creating a borderless learning environment starts with Group Forums exclusively for Study Group members (i.e. clients). To promote intermingling with a broader community, we have public discussion forums, quizzes and poll surveys for both Study Group members and the general public that sign up as a Site Member.

If you have any questions, please review our homepages and 'Get in Touch'.

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As a qualified vocational teacher (IPTE/HAMK) with HE degrees in Business and an M.Sc. in Security & Risk Management, we are particularly well placed to teach and provide 'added-value' in subjects ranging from pedagogy and project management to finance and accounting, business organisation, security, and risk management. 

Our Vocational Teaching qualifications and experience in higher-education combine with a keen interest in On-Line Learning from eLearning and instructional design to Web-based Learning (WBL) in general. This is supported by training and experience in I.T. project management, Learning Management Systems (E.g. Sakai, Moodle, Optima, and Drupal/Opigno), and (rapid) authoring tools (E.g. Office and presentation tools, iSpring, Doodle).

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  • Ju JutsuKyusho (nerve points), Kung Fu (various), Filipino arts (Kali/Escrima/Silat), Katori (Traditional Japanese Weapons), and then some...

  • A highly varied and multi-faceted activity requiring the fullest range of abilities: physically, mentally and spiritually. E.g. the training includes meditation with a deep knowledge of breathing & energy development techniques known as Chi Kung. 

  • Although our training utilizes friendly competition for learning & skill development, unlike 'combat sports' and other sports/games played for the fun of competition, self-defense is not a sport, but a science and art for learning 'Life Skills for Life.'

  • Training since 1982, teaching since 1987 (5 clubs). For more info, see Lii-Kan Jitsu ry


  • A climbing and obstacle course activity perfect to 'Set your Monkey Mind Free.'

  • The primary objective is the flow and efficiency of movement over or around obstacles encountered in our everyday environment. As such, it is an ideal companion hobby to the martial arts for a very Dynamic Physical Education that we call Parkour Jitsu or Budolop for the younger participants. 

  • Most of the gymnastic tricks are just for fun and show (being superfluous and high-risk endeavours), and hence classified as a separate style/sport called 'Tricking' or 'Free Running.'  However, by its very nature and culture (Mind State), Parkour is a truly Borderless Learning experience that overlaps with Breaking (Break-dancing) as much as gymnastics and even self-defense training.

  • Qualified Instructor, VOK1 level with Suomen Parkour ry (SPY)

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Fitness and Strength Training

  • Fitness and strength training is a necessary part of any sport or martial art, and each has its own traditions. Lii-Kan Jitsu is no exception and has to offer good fitness and strength training regimes as part of its normal training routines or, as separate context-based training sessions in their own right as part of the broader self-defense training program. This includes Parkour-based training regimes for a more 'Functional Fitness' and strength development.

  • If you believe the saying 'Sound in Body, Sound in Mind', then age is but a number. Functional fitness training that draws on skills and expertise from self-defense to Parkour and beyond is not just for work or hobbies, but part of 'Life Skills for Life.' This cross-training also makes it a lot more effective, fun, and interesting. 

  • As our slogan says, "Collaboration without Tears, Training without Frontiers. It's a Mind SeT!." 


Racket & Ball Sports

  • Football, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, & Squash (15 years experience, high competition standard)

  • Great for general mobility and foot and hand-eye coordination as well as entertaining spectator sports.

  • Formerly assistant instructor for local football youth afternoon club run by Sporttia kaikille ry.


Other occasional activities & previous experience

Breaking (break-dancing), swimming, cycling, football, rugby, cricket, canoeing, archery, horse-riding, etc. 

Fitness Training Methods

Kick-boxercise & skills resistance training, Calisthenics (Body-weight) & body (structural) resistance training, cycling, hill running, water-resistance training, weight training, elastic resistance bands, kettlebells, Medicine/Wall Balls, heavy skittles/Kali sticks & rauttakankki, sleds, ropes, power rings & TRX, etc.

Fitness Training Styles

Systemic (aerobic & fat burning) & muscular endurance circuit training, functional basic strength training, mobility & agility training, plyometrics & power running, etc. 

Staff Profiles
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