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Collaborative Education and Training, without Frontiers

SeTs ry is a registered non-profit association. All of our school afternoon groups are free to the students, thanks to government funding, sponsorships, and donations received by the clients we serve. We would also like to provide more and better facilities and cheaper participation rates for our own clubs and study groups.

The clubs and schools in which most of them are based, need new and replacement equipment to supplement what the host schools and other venues are able to provide. We also want to provide them with access to our new on-line coaching system, something that has grown in importance immensely since the onset of COVID pandemic. These systems also allow us to connect with like-minded people from further afield.


In addition, we want to take our students out to specialist training centres, seminars, demos, festivals and other events to broaden and deepen their learning and development experience. For example, we collaborate closely with a street dancing school and participate in their dance and film festivals as part of our mobility and broader outreach programme, If you prefer, rather than just adopting or helping to organise a specific club or study group, you can also sponsor or otherwise collaborate with us on specific events that we organise, and even technical systems and content development projects.


We are also currently developing the content for a coaching management system that allows us to coach and provide tuition and consultation services online. This would be a great benefit and advantage for modern kids who are already well tuned in, if not addicted, to their smartphones and computers, Making better and more productive use of these gadgets, not to mention helping to overcome the restrictions of the current Covid pandemic are worthwhile objectives most parents can sympathise with. We would very much like to make this available to our members at a rate more affordable to them than the normal business rates.


In the very near future, we will also be installing a full Learning On-Line (LoL) management system for more academic and vocational courses of study in support of the practical coaching, and further education in general. All of this requires time and resources​, whether expertise, financial, or, in creating content. We can offer the usual befits of sponsorship (fame and notoriety ;), and, also the chance to extend your learning experience and explore the topics of interest at no extra cost. If you are able and willing to help or otherwise contribute, we would be glad to hear from you.

All our club training is currently provided as a labour of love, that is difficult to sustain without enthusiastic support.  If you like what we do, and would like to make a personal donation to support our local club services, please reference your PayPal payment with "Donation - club name" or, "Donation - all clubs". Business sponsors are also most welcome.

In so doing, you have adopted that club/Study Group  and its members, particularly our juniors that cannot afford realistic commercial tuition rates, enabling them to continue training and attend extra-training activities and perhaps also summer training camps.

In return, we will ensure your generous contributions are acknowledged, and you may attend our training and social events at any time as a watchful club 'God Parent'. Other benefits of sponsorship might be negotiable in the future, as and when they become feasible and available.

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