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Fitness, Attributes and Strength Training

Personalised programmes are created by your PT specifically for you and your personal needs based on a free consultation and on-going assessments. 


Whether you want to train solo, with a partner (Duo), or in a small group (3-12 persons), your Personal Trainer will help you. Whether you need to get fit for your job, a hobby or, just for a better and healthier life, your own Personal Trainer can be an invaluable asset to coach, educate and generally support you in your efforts to both get fit and healthy, and stay that way.



Fitness, Attributes & Strength & Fitness Training

Fighting Fit

Fighting Fit is.. your path to a more secure & healthier life. 


A guided programme of functional fitness & strength training in the context of both self-defence training and professional exercise methods to get the best of both worlds. The training programme includes circuit & interval training spiced with a variety of real & practical self-defence skills and exercises for greater efficiency & effectiveness in both self-defence and fitness conditioning. 


The self-defence aspects of the fitness training are derived from the Lii-Kan Jitsu system. These training exercises are based on practical and realistic skills and thereby also educational to facilitate experiential learning, by design.

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