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Public Demos & Workshops

Lii-Kan Jitsu has on occasion done public demonstrations and also taught 'Dynamic Physical Education' lessons/classes to local schools on both amateur and professional basis. Other outings have included work with video animation services, such as with MOCAP systems [View video]

September 2017

Suomi 100 School Demo

A demo and participative event performed at the local school as part of the Suomi 100th years independence celebrations. As always, some kids just could not leave the camera alone, so some scenese had to be recreated for the video. Due to circumstances, the demo was planned less than one week before hand and the boys had one training session only to prepare for it.

October 2017-2018

Dynamic Physical
Education for Schools

Dynamic Physical Education is a combination of Self-defense, Parkour and functional fitness training, and even some basic Break-dancing (Breaking) to create a dynamic form of physical education that is more appealing and up-to-date, hence more interesting for the kids. During our normal training session, we refer to it simply as Parkour Jitsu or Budolop for the younger kids.

March 2018

School Clubs in Action

In connection with these 'Dynamic Physical Education' we have also operated afternoon clubs for the local school kids, a sample of which can be seen in the following videos:

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May, 2015

Liikuva Koulu Päivät,
Vantaan Kaupunki

Lii-Kan Jitsu has also done several workshops for schools and school authorities both in England and in Finland. The most recent ones were  for Vantaan Kaupunki sports days in Finland (2014, 2015, 2022), the highlights of 2015 you can see in the video, and comments by the teachers concerned and other feedback can be found on our references page.

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