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Club Training

In-class training and on-line learning

The local club (in Finland) is registered in Vantaa as Liikan Jitsu Club Ry (1996, previously as Oak Jitsu Club) and in Espoo as the Liikan Jitsu Club, Espoo Ry (2018). Our club is located in Northern (Pohjois) Espoo, part of the Greater Helsinki area of Finland.  We currently train in school halls with sufficient mats and gymnastic equipment to facilitate our Parkour training and other side arts.

We practice Lii-Kan Jitsu and have a couple of regular training sessions per week, for both juniors (kids) and seniors (adults). which, is supplemented by various excursions to pursue supporting side arts, and of course, social events. 

Training always starts with a basic introduction course, which lasts for 3 to 4 months depending on timetables & resources, with one or two (~90 mins) sessions a week as notified for each course.  Once you have passed this foundation course, you receive a license to train as a club member.

Check out the current training schedules and events via the link buttons below, then... Join us

On this site, we have open discussion forums (for site members) and closed Study Group forums for club members that include some free video tutorials and support. We also have an on-line coaching and video tutorial site for club members provided by SeTs ry for a minimal additional fee. SeTs ry provides distance learning for non-members and those who do not live near enough to attend the local classes. 


SeTs also provides specialist vocational education courses and classes in security and risk management, including the Assault Awareness and Risk Management (AARM) course for the general public and those at risk in their work-place.

Only through experience can you truly understand so, come with us and experience it for yourself. Come along anytime and join in the regular training with us, for which can you register via email or our Facebook page. Check out the current training schedules and events via the link buttons below, then... Join us

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