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Lii-Kan Arts and Activities

"Do you want to know who you are? Don't Ask, ACT!  Action will define you". 

Thomas Jefferson

The Club practices Shorinjitsu augmented by Kyusho and a variety of side arts and activities ranging from fitness & strength training, basic Break-dancing and Parkour to NLP psychology, meditation/Chi Kung, conflict intervention, security and risk management in general. All these are comprehensively integrated into one personal security system or school we call Lii-Kan Jitsu. 


Ju Jutsu (like most martial arts) is originally designed and intended for adults (18+ years), both women and men, however, the Lii-kan Jitsu club also has adapted programs for children in the 8-12 & 13-18 age groups.

Extra activities known as Skills Enhancement Training Sessions (SeTs) are occasionally organised or participated in, such as, basic Break-dancing and Parkour training to improve our mobility and fitness. In addition to exercises included in the normal training, we also visit specialist training centres, and, outdoor training and camps during the summer season.  We can also organise professional  Assault Awareness and Risk Management (AARM) courses for the classroom provided by SeTs ry. These consist of personal protection, conflict intervention, security and risk management designed for the general public and security professionals alike, be they school kids, teachers or other  employees at risk in the workplace.

Only through experience can you truly understand so, come with us and experience it for yourself. Come along anytime and join in the regular training with us, for which can you register via email or our Facebook page. So just... Join us


In the mean time, here is some extra information and videos to wet your apetite..



Martial Arts & Self-defense training





Vital Points for Martial Arts, 

First Aid and Heralth

Side Arts

Complimentary and

Supplementary Arts



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