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Jiu Jitsu with a Taste of Kung Fu, the Touch of Kyusho, mobility of Parkour, and more...

Lii-Kan Jitsu is...

Who are we?

The Lii-Kan (Liikan) Jitsu Club and the Kyusho Study Group (KSG), Helsinki are a group of friendly and open-minded people from a wide spectrum of martial art styles, ages, cultural backgrounds various, and other recreational and professional interests and activities who get together each week to practice Liikan Jitsu, and/or once a month to study and practice Kyusho in a spirit of mutual support and cooperation. As a community of martial artists, we believe in Peace and Compassion through Strength and Understanding. 

We are a registered Vantaa club, under the name of Liikan Jitsu Club ry. We have been established as an independent style and registered club in Finland since 1996 (formerly under the name of Oak Jitsu Seura ry). We teach and train both adults and children with a specially adapted learning programme for our younger members, for both their safety and ours!

Affiliations & Collaborations

Partners, Collaborators & Sponsors


SeTs ry

Specialist Education & Training Services

SeTs provides professional & practical instruction and coaching in Fitness & Strength training, Pzrkour and Self-defense. They are also professionally qualified vocational teachers in Business, Security & Risk Management for higher-education institutions.  Other educational services are also available.

Instruction and teaching is primarily on-line , but live on-site course and classes are also possible.




Style Dance Industry (SDI)  

is a creative dance association that specializes in street dance / hip hop and Irish dance, and producing dance films.

SDI is a non-profit association that aims to promote good health and purposeful life through cultural arts.  

SDI also holds dance classes in lower schools and reaches out more to the local youth through dance. 



Kyusho International

Kyusho International is the premiere organization teaching practical Kyusho (vital points) for martial arts, first aid, and healing.

Lii-Kan has been studying their system of vital point manipulation since 2010 and Kyusho STudy Groups are organised by SeTs ry.0

Most martial arts kyusho knowledge systems are more theory than practice, making it a dead art that cannot be safely practiced or used in their systems.  KI however, are without doubt the leading experts on this subject and some of the very few who can train and use it in practice.


Professional & Association Memberships



Finnish Health and Fitness Center’s Association (SKY ry)

SKY ry is responsible for managing authorized personal trainers APT®-database. APT® mark is a registered trademark and can only be used by accredited training organizations and training of personal trainers.



European Register of Exercise Professionals

EREPS is a fully independent register of instructors, trainers and teachers working in the European fitness  and physical activity sector.

EREPS recognises the qualifications and skills of fitness professionals, as an important assurance for consumers and employers



Finnish Parkour Association

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Finnish Security Association

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Finnish eLearning Center Association

eLearning Association



International Foundation for Protection Officers

The International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) is dedicated to providing meaningful, cost-effective education for all levels of security personnel.

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