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Welcome to Lii-Kan Jitsu

Lii-Kan Jitsu is...

'Jiu-Jitsu with a Taste of Kung-Fu and Touch of Kyusho.'

Lii-Kan Jitsu Club provides practical and realistic training in a modern school for modern-day society.

Training is provided live on-site with extra-curricular training events, all supported by on-line training and learning services, courtesy of SeTs ry. For more information, please visit the SeTs ry webpages.

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Lii-Kan JItsu activities are divided into three broad categories

  1. Martial Arts (ShorinjitsuSelf-defense, Security and Risk Management)

  2. Fitness & Strength (Functional Physical Conditioning)

  3. Parkour (Mobility & Agility)

We also learn and practice other activities (side arms) activities, such as NLP (practical psychology), Chi Kung (Bio-energy training & meditation), Kyusho (vital points of the human body), conflict intervention, security and risk management, in general, Some of our members even practice Break-dancing to help improve their mobility on the ground, which we encourage through our collaboration with a local street dance school. In support of all this, we also organize special events such as open days, festivals, and seminars, host various discussion forums and study groups. You can sign up for these forums on the forum and group pages.

Our training activities are live on-site at local venues, supported by the free member services on this website. Further on-line learning and support can be obtained via our PTD coaching system provided by SeTs ry (a related association) for those who cannot attend the local classes, If you cannot find an already available group activity that meets your interests, go to the page Register with us' on the SeTs ry site. Review the project/group proposals, and complete the short registration form for the activities of interest so that we can gauge interest in creating new groups and locations.


So that you can keep in touch whilst on the move, we have associated mobile apps for site members (Spaces by Wix) and the coaching system (PTDistinction) available for download via Google Play etc., using the links provided on our Site Membership page . You can also sign up for site membership (screen top right button) and just use the link on the invite we send you, by email or phone as requested. Once a site member, you will also gain access to other feature benefits, such as the discussion forums, quizzes and Poll Surveys.

If you have any questions, get in touch.


Martial Arts, Self-defense & Security

Integrated Martial Arts & self-defense training, augmented with Kyusho, NLP, Chi Kung, Security & Risk Management in general 



Mobility training primarily based on Parkour and augmented by basic break-dance movements for ground mobility


Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness & Street Strength Training for physical conditioning & performance enhancement.

Collaborative Learning and Training without Frontiers. 

Realistic and Effective Training, by Design.

Martial arts &  self-defense training augmented with 'Functional Fitness' & strength training, provide the practical foundations for a comprehensive personal security system.  This core martial art that we call  Shorinjitsu, is further extended and enhanced with Kyusho, Parkour, Chi Kung (Meditation & Bio-Energy Training), NLP / Sports psychology, conflict intervention, security & risk management in general to constitute the broader Lii-Kan Jitsu system. 


All this integrated into a practical, more natural, and flowing style of self-defense, that provides:

  • Effective and realistic training in a modern style and school for modern-day society.

  • Expert and qualified instruction since 1987: More info on 'About US'.

More academic and vocational courses such as the SeTs 'Assault Awareness and Risk Management' (AARM) course, are provided by our sister association, SeTs ry,  establish for the purpose of providing primarily on-line learning services, and some local live-on-site classes and courses.

Creating a borderless training & learning environment starts with Group Forums exclusively for Study Group members (i.e. clients). To promote intermingling with a broader community, we have public discussion forums, quizzes, and poll surveys for both Study Group members and the general public that sign up as a Site Member of either, or both websites. 

If you have any questions, please review our homepages and 'Get in Touch'.

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