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Join Us!

Membership Applications

Membership Application Forms (MAF) are available in Adobe.pdf or word.doc formats for download from the files at the bottom of this page. When you first come to the club make sure you come with a MAF, properly completed and signed. Without this, you may not be allowed onto the mat. 

If you have a printer, print out the forms and complete them before you come to the club, as this will save time and convenience. If not, we usually have spare paper copies at the club which, must be properly completed and verified by the Club instructor before you can come on the mat and participate.

If you have any questions please contact us via email or, if need be ask the club instructor when you first visit the club. 

MAF - suomeksi
Training Fees & Payments

Our fees are highly competitive, if not dirt cheap compared to other clubs and what they offer.  We also offer special discounts to students (especially youths & young adults) that show potential, commitment & loyalty.

When you have decided to commit to training with us, then regular / continuation training frees consist of:

  • An annual membership fee is payable along with your first course/Training Fee.  

  • Training Fees are paid for each term/course or, for a calendar year in advance. Grading fees may be paid for separately.

  • In special cases, students may pay for the training session in cash at the door for a premium session fee.

  • The Lii-Kan Jitsu Club reserves the right to amend all fees and payment terms at any time without prior notice.

  • Price and payment information available upon request or, when visiting the club for the first time.

Joining Requirements

On this page, you can find out how to join the club and learn a little bit about the training terms and conditions required.

  1. Contact Us 

  2. Complete the Membership Application Form (MAF). 

  3. Visit the Club to view the training and introduce yourself


If you are accepted/invited into the club

  1. Make the membership subscription and training fees payments

  2. Present the required documents & receipts and then participate in the training

Always check this site and/or contact us for up-to-date information first.

  • Starter Courses are held every September and January, usually starting with an Open Day as advertised at the time.

  • Starter Courses consist of a special introductory training programme and package that already includes a training fee, joining fee and your first grading fee, just to help new members get started more easily.

However, new members can join at any time, or initially visit and watch one training session without charge (free).


The Training Terms are Autumn, Winter/Spring, each of about 4 months duration. We occasionally hold outdoor training sessions during the summer months which, are free to fully paid-up members.

Summer Action Camps are organised by SeTs ry are booked and paid for separately to SeTs ry.


If you do not see a time & location that is feasible for you, you can register your interest  in joining us and what your interests and feasible times & locations are.  Should a suitable training time & place be created we will notify you, but always keep in touch anyway.

Clothing & Equipment

For information about Dojo Etiquette, clothing and equipment requirements for training purposes, please read these pages:​

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