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Kyusho is...

the vital points and KI to a whole new world of learning!

Kyusho is 'pointing the way' in the art of striking or otherwise manipulating vital points on the body for both self-defense (martial) and health purposes. Kyusho is the Okinawan term for what is vicariously referred to in Japanese as Atemi and in Chinese arts as Dim Mak, Dim Hsueh and/or Dim Ching and is indelibly linked with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupressure and shiatsu. 


Kyusho however, does not specifically require the detailed study of TCM in all its complexities, making Kyusho much more manageable and easier to learn. Modern Kyusho is also safer to practise and use in real life street self-defence situations, because it focuses mostly on the neurological vital points rather than blood and organ attacks, making it less lethal, but nonetheless effective. The first aid aspects for revival and recovery also make practical training and testing viable, transforming the study from a dead theoretical art of legends, back into a living, breathing art that we can study in practice to develop practical skills.

The system and programme of learning we follow as the backbone of our vital points system is organised under the tutorship of Kyusho International (KI), who are arguably the foremost authority on the subject in the world, and without doubt a world-wide and reputable organisation. They engage in both practical and medical research with medical professionals to learn and better understand the true effects and potential of Kyusho and also examine the use of Kyusho within the kata codes of Karate, Wing Chun and many other martial art styles. Learning can be done via the KI on-line learning educational programmes and honed into practical skills locally with Lii-Kan Jitsu or the Kyusho Study Group (KSG), Helsinki run by SeTs ry. There and also other international seminars held by KI and the Okuuden Circle (a derivative organisation that broke away from KI).

Kyusho Training & Activities

Study sessions with a Kyusho Study Group are not a martial / self-defence training class a such, being  primarily focused on the vital point training along with some simple exercises to enhance the fun & skills acquisition. However, some practical applications from various styles are practised as represented and shared by the SGL and other members where it aids understanding  and the ability to use the vital points with confidence, whether for healing, self-defence or law enforcement / security guarding. It is intended by KI design to be style and school independent so that people of all martial arts styles and other interested parties can come together, train and perfect their skills in the spirit of friendship, cooperation and mutual support. Thereafter you can integrate them into your own art or professional work as you see fit.

KSG training is on a once per month basis, which nicely supplements and compliments any other training you already do. It provides a dedicated and fast track training programme for safely learning, practising and/or enhancing your knowledge and skills in Kyusho to their full potential.

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