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Training Exercise Programmes (TEPs), Mobile Apps & Educational Publications

The products outlined in the sections below are education materials for vocational self-studies and Training Exercise programmes and user training guides for fitness and strength training, street arts and sports.


Some education publications may also be available for purchase in printed form, however, our products are available primarily on-line as ePublications with a subscription, and are infused with links and study aids for a fully functional learning experience. Our services and products are also available via mobile apps for our website and coaching software. We currently use two apps that can be downloaded via Google Play for the Android versions. They are Spaces by Wix for our website, and PT Distinction for our coaching site. Other versions are available as notified by those software suppliers.

If you have something in mind that you cannot find in our product lists, we may be able to produce it for you, so, 'Get a Quote'.

If you are unsure of your needs or, want a personalized package, book yourself a free half-hour consultancy session, via on-line video streaming. You can book a time slot via our availability scheduling link.

Training Exercise Programmes

TEPs Package
Duration: 4 - 20 minutes to 1 hour

Preset training exercise programmes (TEP's) and workouts for fitness and strength training,

The basic TEPs package is currently 15€/month

TEP Workouts are accessible on-line via our coaching software, which also includes a mobile app for ease of use whilst training.

The training you do yourself privately at your own discretion, however, basic on-line help services and community support are also available if you need them. We continuously create and add to the collection as time permits, so if you have any special requests, please, Get in Touch.,