Service Packages, Pricing Plans and Payment Methods

Once a preliminary customer training agreement is made, we will provide you with a link to a special sign-up form, which, once completed along with the subscription payment, will provide you with access to our on-line Coaching and/or Learning Management system and services.

More information about payment methods can be found via the link button below.


In the meantime, you can signup for site membership and start connecting and sharing with other site members in our discussion forums.

Preset Exercise Programmes & Consultancy Subscriptions 

Preset Training Exercise Programmes (TEPs) of various types are available for those that prefer to get on with training by themselves with online support and community services, along with a dedicated mobile application to help and guide you as you train. These can be subscribed for as part of a preset TEPs package for activities and service levels as specified. The standard/basic subscription is monhthly. Personalized TEPs can be ordered separately for a premium fee.


From time to time SeTs will also publish various other educational and training products which will also be accessible for purchase or by subscription as notified.

If you do not find what you are looking for on the Products Page, please contact us for more information. If it is not yet available, we will endeavour to create it for you at our earliest opportunity.

Personalised Trainer and Coaching Services

The standard service packages include workouts, workshops, and club training sessions. which, maybe live on-site, live on-line (Video Conferencing), or as part of a hybrid package, as per the customer training agreement. To augment the on-line training, we also facilitate and encourage clients to organize their own local meet-up groups to practice what they have learned, which will, by increasing our clientele, will also reduce their training costs.


You can also subscribe for, special events (availability as and when notified), special user group schemes, and on-line products such as personalized or preset training exercise programmes (TEPs) for use in your own private training sessions. You can review all these in more detail on the sub-pages.


Price Plans vary with circumstances and requirements but, are competitive with any of our local gyms, with further benefits from our on-line services, mobile apps, and community support. Please contact us for a quote

Vocational Tuition and Education Services

On-line learning software and courses are currently still under development. As soon as there is anything to tell, it will be announced in our News Blog, and appear here with a menu link to its own sub-page.